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Player: Axis Sivitz, #26

aka Axis


Age: 29

Originally from: Cincinnati, OH

Years on Madcow: 2

Past Teams: Flying Horsecows, Joyce

College: Oberlin

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by Axis :: October 15, 2009 5:52 PM

On a wet, frigid, October morning, Madcow took to the Regional fields to put proof into the season's pudding, and cash in on their #1 seed. Determined to not let nerves get the better of them, Madcow came out loose and lazy, giving up 5 points to Breaker's Mark, a team that at sectionals had only put up 3. By the end of the game, the "we're here all day" field had become the only mud pit in the entire tournament. Haymaker entered the pit next. Both the O and D lines cleaned up their play enough to prevent their bi-monthly opponent from doing any real damage, and Cow closed the game 12-7. Machine didn't want to tango with the Cow in the pit, so they went to firmer ground for the semifinals.

Machine came fast out of the gate. Their quick handlers gave the Cow D fits, and the Offense couldn't make up for their turnovers. Madcow found themselves down a handful of breaks at half. However, the tide quickly turned as the Defense went on a tear, eventually tying the game as the cap came on. But the final break  eluded them and Machine took the game 13-12, sending Madcow to the backdoor bracket.

On Sunday morning the wind calmed down and the clouds thinned. Madcow started slow against LouEVIL, but gradually warmed up and built a comfortable lead, finishing the game 15-10. In the backdoor semis, Cow faced an excited, but tired Prairie Fire, who had just beaten Sub Zero in a tight game.

Madcow knew the time had come to earn their bid. The offense was completely locked in, and seldom gave up as much as a turnover. The defense generated many scoring opportunities, and converted enough of them to build a healthy lead. At 15-10, Madcow won the game and a rematch with Machine in the 'game to go'.

This time, Madcow ran hard from the beginning and kept up with Machine's speed, but the O-line lost the chemistry it had earlier in the day, and the D-line couldn't come up with game-changing plays like it did on Saturday. Machine pulled away after half, and closed the game uneventfully, 15-8.

Only two teams were left. Sub Zero beat Prairie Fire to get their own shot at the third and final bid. Madcow was loose and fired up, having nothing to lose. Both offenses started strong, conceding points about as often as the players conceded their foul calls. Toward the end of the half, the D-line finally built some momentum and rattled off 3 breaks to take half 8-6. They got one more out of the half, and by then the slow pace of the game clearly benefitted Ohio. As clouds covered the dark sky, the Cow offense took care of business and the game was capped at 11-8. For the first time, Madcow earned a trip to the UPA Club Championships, and there was much rejoicing.

For his shutdown defense, BMW received the MAD jersey. For coming though on big plays, JB earned the coveted COW jersey.