September 6-7 Madcow traveled to Naperville, IL for Chicago Heavyweight Championships.

Day 1: Saturday

Game 1- 8:45

Madcow's first game was against the #3 seed in our pool, Phoenix, who was only ranked one spot below us in the overall seeding.  The fields were a little wet but the weather was perfect for ultimate. We came out strong on offense and then scored 4 breaks in a row to go up 5-0. We continued to play well and took half 8-2. After half, Phoenix scored on offense and then proceeded to get their first break of the game. Phoenix scored a few more breaks to bring the game to 10-6. With a few key offensive players missing, others had to step in to fill their roles and there seemed to be some communication errors. We finished out the game strong on defense and the final score was Madcow 13-Phoenix 9.

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