For teams who convincingly dominate their regions, the regional tournament is typically nothing more than a tune-up to ensure everything is clicking before the Big Dance in Sarasota. For teams on the bubble, Regionals is an all-out, tooth-and-nail brawl for the remaining bids.

However, 2008 regional tournaments across the country have already proven to be more than interesting, with some typical powerhouses and perennial tourney favorites joining the ranks of the bubble teams clawing for that elusive bid to nationals. One example is Furious George, a team who has uncontestedly secured a nationals bid for as long as anyone can remember and won the whole thing just five years ago, falling on a spectacular grab on universe point to an ever-stronger Jam, who themselves surprisingly missed out on a bid two years ago.

This just goes to show that any year, any titan can (and will) fall, to the glee of their rivals. This weekend, Madcow hopes to fell those titans.

On polo fields just outside of Milwaukee in quiet North Lake, WI, a fierce showdown of unprecedented proportion will take place as Madcow battles other regional contenders for one of the two golden tickets to Sarasota.

Be sure to follow along with our live updates or our Twitter feed. It's gonna be a bloodbath, and not the kind that Jeffy takes in the morning.

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