For teams who convincingly dominate their regions, the regional tournament is typically nothing more than a tune-up to ensure everything is clicking before the Big Dance in Sarasota. For teams on the bubble, Regionals is an all-out, tooth-and-nail brawl for the remaining bids.

However, 2008 regional tournaments across the country have already proven to be more than interesting, with some typical powerhouses and perennial tourney favorites joining the ranks of the bubble teams clawing for that elusive bid to nationals. One example is Furious George, a team who has uncontestedly secured a nationals bid for as long as anyone can remember and won the whole thing just five years ago, falling on a spectacular grab on universe point to an ever-stronger Jam, who themselves surprisingly missed out on a bid two years ago.

This just goes to show that any year, any titan can (and will) fall, to the glee of their rivals. This weekend, Madcow hopes to fell those titans.

On polo fields just outside of Milwaukee in quiet North Lake, WI, a fierce showdown of unprecedented proportion will take place as Madcow battles other regional contenders for one of the two golden tickets to Sarasota.

Be sure to follow along with our live updates or our Twitter feed. It's gonna be a bloodbath, and not the kind that Jeffy takes in the morning.

2008 Central Open Regionals Information and Results

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2008 East Plains Sectionals - WHAT HAPPENED

by jimmy :: October 2, 2008 9:45 AM

Madcow kicks off the 2008 Club Series with the annual UPA East Plains Sectional Championships where the best and brightest from Ohio, Kentucky, and West Virginia battle it out for a bid to the next level, Regionals. 


(first round bye) Most Columbus players who have played at the college and club level should be used to this by now.  Seeded first overall and with a first round bye, most of the Madcows stayed in Columbus Friday night and traveled early Saturday morning to revered Versailles, OH, home of chickified tournament, Poultry Days.  The first three matchups on Saturday seemed quick and painless with lines playing two points in a row, giving everyone a chance to do work on the defensive end.

Game 1: DiscLexia (Lexington, KY). Madcow opens up the tournament with the eventual second place finisher in their pool, who had just come off of their first 2008 sectional win against the University of Miami Boogiemen. Madcow comes out quickly in the first half with chilly scores and the defense capitalizing easily on turnovers.  Looking a bit dyslexic in the second half, Madcow D misreads a couple swilly hucks and allows the team from Kentucky to get on the scoreboard.  Final score: 13-3.


Game 2: RAMJAM (Wooster, OH) Madcow opens up their second matchup with the offense rolling smoothly and the defense shutting down any kind of threat, Madcow takes half in what seemed like under 30 minutes, 7 – nil.  Although scoring easily, Madcow's play was not flawless, with our endzone looking lazy and the sideline still asleep. RAMJAM gets on the board with a floaty up-line high release and a nice "ocho cinco" toe-the-line catch in the endzone. Amidst some stupid drops and poor choices, Madcow is able to ram and jam their way to an easy win.  Final score: 13-1.


Game 3: Ghetto Force (Dayton, OH). The third game on Saturday found us up against the "home team???," the team from University of Dayton.  This was Madcow's chance to regain some composure and play our game of ultimate, at our level.  With a motivating pre-game talk lead by captains Mike "Biggs" Groeber and Rodger "R.I.P. Paul Newman" Oakes, Madcow comes out strong, striking downfield with more aggression and simply outrunning their opponent.  Madcow took advantage of Dayton’s ghetto force and finished the game strong, 13-0. Cream cheese anyone?


Game 4: Boogiemen (Oxford, OH): Our last matchup in pool played proved to be our first contested game of Ultimate at this year’s sectional championship.  After winning our first three games handily, we came out with little fire, allowing the Boogiemen to break us for the first point of the game.  Boogiemen’s offense, composed of a couple taller players with high release forehands and team-leading intensity, continued to click and with little flaw. Dependant on their shorter guys making big plays with a couple deep layout catches and good in-cuts,  Miami stuns Madcow and takes half 7 – 4. Madcow opens up the second half with 3 breaks in 4 points, forcing themselves back into the game and tying the score at 8s.  The Boogiemen are tired from running a tight rotation and Madcow takes advantage with their experience and depth, highlighted by big layouts on both sides of the disc. Madcow puts their game faces back on and dances their way to a quick and over-powering second half.  Final score, 13-9.



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