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by rodger :: June 23, 2009 1:19 PM :: 0 Comments

Madcow took to the fields early Saturday morning in different states of disarray.  Many of the crew had already been up since 4am in order to make the early drive and report time of 7:45am.  The skies opened up in a chafe-inducing rain, but it did not subdue the Cow.  Pool play Saturday was a success the first three rounds.  The players kept a focus and intensity as they met their teammates...some of which for the first time.  The old guard shook off the rust as the team stormed through Grand Trunk 13-6.  The next round brought the split squad from Forge to the field.  Madcow won a closer game 13-8.  The third round against Too Bad showed some quick deep strikes by our opponents, but after some minor adjustments, the Cow stampeded to a 13-4 victory.  The offense and defense were looking good, and the new faces were contributing across the board.  The fourth round against Chicago's Haymaker started shaky.  But, following a 2-0 deficit, Madcow ran ahead to a 7-2 halftime lead.  Feeling confidant in the game, the sideline overheard Axis commenting on his excitement to try the Venison Burgers at Timmy's.  Whatever the reason, the Cow lost some focus and Haymaker proved a worthy opponent never quitting.  The end result was a 13-11 victory for Madcow, and a lesson learned.

The tardiness of Saturday morning provided for an even earlier call Sunday morning.  Too early for the young Pitt team to show up.  After a few jokes of assessing points, Madcow came out hard and fast.  It was 6-0 before the young uns scored their first point on a nice low inverted forehand break.  Final score 15-4.  Madcow faced the Columbus Joyce team in the second round.  These guys are getting better every year.  They just need a little more depth...they had 8 on Sunday...but lots of potential.  After trading a few points, Cow was able to get a slight lead and edge out a 15-8 win.  Prior to the semi-finals of the event, the Forge captains asked to forge their split squad back together.  It was a good idea for an early season tourney.  And, it seemed to light a fire under the utters.  Cow jumped ahead early...causing an early timeout at 4 or 5 to zero.  Cow coasted through halftime, and traded points until they pulled out the victory 15-9.

The finals were another rematch against Haymaker.  This time, with the sweet taste of tournament victory so the sweet taste of breastmilk...the Cow was able to fight through some early miscues and play a pretty boring game to get the victory 15-9.  Overall, the tournament was a great start to the season.  The Cow kept their heads through most arguments, and supported each other on the sideline.  Some good groundwork in strategy and style of play was laid.  With a long season ahead, the Cow was happy to start the season on a high point.  But, there is still a ton of work to go.  The offensive jersey went to Axis Sivitz for his non-stop motor over the weekend.  Timmy Meyers retained the defensive pride.  The best part of the weekend, and also the worst part, is that many players proved very good and yet will still need to be cut. Cuts keep getting tougher as everyone seems to bring some great qualities to the team.  See you in Cincinnati.

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